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Ziad Sankari

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Ziad Sankari

Ziad Sankari

Cardiodiagnostics, Founder

Ziad Sankari is the founder of CardioDiagnostics, a business he founded when he returned to Lebanon in 2010. CardioDiagnostics has developed LifeSense, the first cloud-based device that provides continuous cardiac monitoring. It automatically detects cardiac arrhythmias in outpatients, giving physicians the ability to remotely monitor their patients 24/7 for up to thirty days. After being approved by the FDA and after completion of its pilot phase in December 2014, LifeSense was released to the market and is today used by physicians in the US and the Middle East. Before returning to Lebanon, Ziad co-founded O2 Insights in the US, in 2009, a high-tech biomedical venture, which was later acquired by Systagenix for eight times its value. In 2015, Ziad was recognized by US President Obama for his leadership as an emerging entrepreneur and for his progressive work in cardiac care. That same year, Ziad was also selected as a High Impact Endeavor Entrepreneur.

About Cardiodiagnostics

CardioDiagnostics is a medical technology company specializing in cardiac care solutions. Established in the USA with global R&D offices, the company develops proprietary technologies for wireless monitoring of cardiac patients. The company’s team of ambitious entrepreneurs, technologists, medical experts, and industry veterans are working together to meet market needs and solve existing problems in the cardiac care industry through research-based pioneering technologies.