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Sirak Mussie

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Sirak Mussie

Sirak Mussie

Flocash, Founder

Sirak Mussie has over 15 years of experience in mobile and payment technologies having previously worked as a senior consultant at Unisys, Motorola, and Cisco. In 2010, he founded Flocash which is the first cross-border Pan-African payment network offering basic financial services to the unbanked masses. Sirak is also the founder and CEO of De la Phone Technologies Limited since 2003.

About Flocash

Flocash is a payment platform serving the travel and banking sectors through localized payment infrastructure at lower costs. Its principal focus started in travel-related businesses and has since expanded its offerings to banks and fintechs. Flocash minimizes spiraling technology costs of airlines and banks by offering a fully managed, cost-effective payment infrastructure customized for the local needs of their customers. Flocash has built a platform that can handle the precision and volume needs of large organizations and developed strategic relationships with leading airlines, banks, MNOs, and card schemes required for pan-African and global success.