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Silvia Cavalcanti

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Silvia Cavalcanti Endeavor Scaleup Summit İstanbul

Silvia Cavalcanti

She started off my career in business consulting – solving big problems for big biz. In the quest for a greater creative outlet, she left Deloitte for a more creative shiny object: innovation consulting, where Business Land met Madison Ave.

Since then, she has been playing a series of quite fascinating right+left brained roles, be it in innovation, account planning, digital strategy, experience or creative strategy – which frankly, are no more than different fingers pointing to the same moon; a moon called ‘creative problem solving’. 

Despite getting a kick out of strategizing creativity, she eventually felt the need to actually make things (other than keynote presentations). And that’s when she got into entrepreneuring.

Two failed start ups and a successful one later, she realized that her natural next step was to play intra-preneur – bridging the gap between now and next – through radical dot-connecting, servant leadership, and passion-ing. During this process, she discovered that what makes her eyes grow and my wings unclip is getting people excited and channeling their energy into action. And yes, she’s come to realize that passion and well-channeled energy are the best fuel to drive business results. If she were to give herself a fancy acronymous title, it would be Chief Provoca-Doer. 

She is currently the VP of Marketing & Communications at Endeavor Global, still getting everyone excited about what they’re doing.