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Orkun Saitoğlu

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Orkun Saitoğlu

Orkun Saitoğlu

iyzico, CEO

Born in Istanbul in 1982, Orkun Saitoğlu graduated from Galatasaray High School and then studied Computer Engineering at Montpellier University and completed his master’s degree at Sorbonne University in Paris. In the second year of his graduate study, he became part of the team of B2B, B2C sites in the TUI group and started his career as a Software Engineer. During the first years of his career, he supported the design and integration of PayPal solution in France and the Benelux and later on became a part of business development and sales team during Scandinavian, Turkish, Middle Eastern and Russian market expansion. Orkun, later on became a part of a global team managing PayPal’s relationship with startups against Stripe and Braintree competition. In 2014, after living abroad for 14 years he decided to move back to Turkey to establish his own startup company. It was during this period that Orkun met with iyzico’s co-founders Barbaros Özbuğutu and Tahsin Işın to become the COO of iyzico knowing that the company would emerge as the payment champion of the region. He was responsible for sales, marketing, and operations teams. After 8 years of being part of iyzico’s senior management as the COO, Orkun became the new CEO of the company in 2022. In line with the iyzico’s vision to democratize financial services, he is leading iyzico team to develop solutions that support multi-channel sales strategies and innovative applications that enhance financial inclusivity.

About iyzico

Iyzico is a payment collection system management platform designed for speed and efficiency. Founded in 2012 in Istanbul by Barbaros Özbuğutu and Tahsin Işın, its aim is to provide an easy and secure payment system management platform to e-commerce companies of various sizes operating in different fields. Iyzico integration helps users eliminate the need for infrastructure investments, testing, and security concerns. This platform greatly simplifies the lives of companies accepting payments online and offers seamless collaboration with its value-added services.