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Kirsty Chadwick

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Kirsty Chadwick

Kirsty Chadwick


Kirsty Chadwick, a native of New Zealand, began her educational journey at the young age of 15, tutoring in violin and piano at her school. Her passion for education led her to become a concert pianist, but when a hand injury forced her to reevaluate her path, she transitioned into teaching. Kirsty pursued a teaching diploma and later became an entrepreneur, founding mortgage and financial services companies in the UK, all while maintaining a strong commitment to education. Her dedication to learning continued when she moved to Cape Town in 2005, where she witnessed the challenges faced by high school graduates lacking essential skills for the job market. In response, she founded The Training Room Online (TTRO) in 2008, a platform focused on accessible and technology-enabled learning in South Africa and beyond. Over the past 15 years, Kirsty has led TTRO in global endeavors, partnering with major organizations like Anglo American and the Innovation Centre for Industry 4.0 in Saudi Arabia, and launching programs to address EdTech skills gaps. Her unwavering vision centers on using technology to provide quality education in emerging nations and collaborating with intergovernmental organizations to democratize global education. Kirsty strives to remain a thought leader in building a diversified company that transforms education into an ever-evolving adventure for millions of learners worldwide. Her journey in education and entrepreneurship is a testament to her relentless dedication to improving learners’ lives globally.

About The Training Room Online

TTRO works with governments, academic institutions, businesses, and industries to prepare their people for the future by meeting the challenges of today. Through their transformative learning experiences, underpinned by educational technologies, the company focuses on human capability and capacity development aligning with the organization’s needs. With expertise in cutting-edge authoring tools educational technologies and learning methodologies, TTRO develops world-class, end-to-end learning experiences that are in tune with the needs of the modern learner. TTRO believes in delivering lasting impressions and lifelong learning through collaboration with their clients.